ReOrder - All Comes Back to You

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Pure Trance 140
ReOrder - All Comes Back To You
1. Solarstone Pure Mix Expanded

Under his ReOrder alias, the last 12 years have seen Tibor Tomecko bring clubfloors an expansive range of trance riches. Taken from his debut album IAMREADY, the Slovakian dropped its vanguard single through Black Hole Recordings September 2018. An outing as emotionally elevating, as it is floor-forceful, All Comes Back To You has set a mighty precedent for his long-player. Now to top it all of mister Pure Trance takes All Comes Back To You to another level. While channeling the themes of ReOrder’s original vision, Solarstone sends the track into deep trance space. Close your eyes and prepare to get elevated by this warm and intense piece of pure trance.

Track list

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    All Comes Back to You (Solarstone Pure Mix Expanded)
    By ReOrder