RAM & Stine Grove - RAMore

Grotesque Music

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Grotesque 001
RAM & Stine Grove - RAMore
1. Original mix

Grotesque, known for its popular club nights and festivals, has broadened its horizon with the arrival of its very own record label. Under the name of Grotesque Music the organisation has created a new platform within the trance scene where young talents, as well as established names, can release quality trance music.

The extension of Grotesque has created some great opportunities for young talents. Not only does Grotesque Music offer them special guidance, they also offer the opportunity to follow online studio sessions with none other than Geert Huinink, whose impressive oeuvre has meant a lot for todays trance music.

Grotesque Music falls under the umbrella of renowned record label Black Hole Recordings. Driving forces behind Grotesque Music are RAM and Geert Huinink. In hand, the pair has a clutch of killer new productions, primed and ready for release. Naturally though, honours for the imprint’s embarking release fall to none other than that man RAM. 

Following in his trademark line of RAM-prefaced titles (‘RAMsterdam’, ‘RAMelia’, ‘RAMplify’ & ‘RAMnesia’, to mention but a handful of his best-knowns), ‘RAMore’ is another astonishingly uplifting trance-fired outing.

The vocal side of ‘RAMore’s equation rests in the always capable hands of Copenhagen-based vox-stress Stine Grove... No stranger to Planet Trance, she’s previously brought her lyrical & vocal touch to the outings of many a luminary’s production, Thrillseekers, Lange and Ronski Speed among them.   

Musically the Dutchman’s signature euphoric sonics are, as ever, intensely coded into ‘RAMore’s binary… Ramped up to floor-attacking tempo, its forceful kick-drums, synthesized brio, thunderous 18-wheeler bass and Stine’s hairs-up harmonies collectively set the mercury on the rise. Contrasting beautifully with her faintly lamenting lyrical insights, the Danish singer’s emotionally charged vocals converge around RAM’s symphonically built, harp-string strung break. Reaching its zenith, RAM brilliantly recharges the track’s synths, lofting the Grotesque Music debut up to Everest-like heights.

Hot on its heels there’s plenty ‘forthcomings’ to look forward to from Grotesque this year.
Until then… all hail ‘RAMore’! 

Track list

  • 01
    RAMore (Original Mix)
    By RAM & Stine Grove