Rafael Osmo - Sunlight + Export

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Rafael Osmo - Sunlight + Export
1. Sunlight (Extended Mix)
2. Export (Extended Mix)

Rafael Osmo is back with a more experimental double-hitter. Sunlight gets straight into the action with intricately programmed grooves and the action soon ramps up with the introduction of a huge offbeat ride bouncing off a chunky bassline. A bending held bass note leads you into the breakdown before power chords strike out the melody. The chords continue into the drop but are more sparse leaving space for bass, followed by a reprise of the full melody and a very cool stripped back section teasing you just before the outro beats. Export picks up the pace and is an offbeat bass affair with plenty of wacky trademark effects from Rafael. The magic moment is in the breakdown when a 16ths chord arp induces pure excitement. This is soon followed by the drop, which is totally unpredictable; stripped-down bass, and a tension-building siren that ultimately leads on to some rather tasty 303-action. All truly off the wall stuff, we like!

Track list

  • 01
    Sunlight (Extended Mix)
    By Rafael Osmo
  • 02
    Export (Extended Mix)
    By Rafael Osmo
  • 03
    By Rafael Osmo
  • 04
    By Rafael Osmo