Qualysto - Lagoon EP

Songspire Records

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Qualysto - Lagoon EP
1. Lagoon
2. Edge Of Earth
3. Dance With Me

Label residents Qualysto are back again with a three track EP. Lagoon is a mellow progressive house record with dreamy melodies and strong repetitive chords. Edge Of Earth is more bass driven with a big groove and beautiful vocal and last but not least we have Dance With Me, a track with soft pitched down vocals, a catchy rhythm and lingering piano chords that let you dream away. This EP gives you great proggy vibes that will prove irresistible to all who listen.

Track list

  • 01
    By Qualysto
  • 02
    Edge Of Earth
    By Qualysto
  • 03
    Dance With Me
    By Qualysto