Purple Stories - Manuscript

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Purple Stories - Manuscript
1. Extended Mix

Purple Stories from Poland make an exciting debut on Create Music with the brilliantly produced Manuscript. From the off, atmospheric sounds hint there's a story to be told. The track first drops into a wholesome, deep bassline, and is soon joined by an arp, minimal hats, a crisp clap and effects, which all continue to set the scene. The basic arp melody proceeds into the breakdown and once again atmospheres join vocal elements to build tension. Everything stops, leaving tailing reverbs, out of which the most divine filtered down stab synth gradually rises bathing in its own reverb and delay. Snare drums show you the way out to the drop, and big synth stabs usher in the full effect of the bassline and Percussion's return.

Track list

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    Manuscript (Extended Mix)
    By Purple Stories