Project 8 - Attack + Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

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Elements 015
Project 8 - Attack + Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
1. Attack 
2. The Chocolate Factory

When he's not curating his famous soundbanks and sample banks which have received incredible responses from many leading producers in the scene, Irish producer and sound designer Shane Kinsella aka Project 8 has been serving up a plethora of tech and uplifting bangers. Following on from releases on labels such as Vandit, Outburst and Grotesque, Project 8 makes his Rielism debut with an EP of epic proportions on Elements. Attack and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory are both first class tech-trance anthems. The former, a sublime production infusing thunderous bass, groove and hypnotising musical elements, whilst the latter boasts a dark, moody and catchy melody which introduces itself in the breakdown, that works its way deep into your mind - building anticipation all the way up to the return of those killer beats at the savage drop!

Track list

  • 01
    By Project 8
  • 02
    Charlie & The Chocolate Factory
    By Project 8