Phutek & HP Source - Sidewinder

Techburst Records

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Phutek & HP Source - Sidewinder
1. Original Mix

HP Source have become very popular in a very short space of time with techno fans around the globe so it’s great have them back on TBR with a brand new single, an absolute killer collaboration with hard techno guru Phutek! The key word to this release is rave as it takes us back to the smoky, sweaty and strobe-light fuelled hedonistic vibes of the early 90’s warehouse parties. Rolling bass, filtered tom loop grooves and a super-sized rave lick will ignite your dancefloor more ferociously than an incendiary device. Prepare to side-wind across the dancefloor, techno does not come more essential than this - do not miss!

Track list

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    By Phutek & HP Source