Phoenyx & Sound Avtar - Vertigo EP

Rub A Duck

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Rub A Duck 021
Phoenyx & Sound Avtar  - Vertigo EP
01. Phoenyx & Sound Avtar - Symphonyx (Original Mix)
02. Sound Avtar - Vertigo (Original Mix)
03. Phoenyx & Bruce Deadly - Razor (Vocal Mix) (featuring Bruce Deadly)
04. Sound Avtar - Drop Dead (Original Mix)
05. Phoenyx - Phaze One (Original Mix)
06. Phoenyx - Razor (Original Mix)

Indian producers Sound Avtar and Phoenyx present their new “Vertigo” EP on the Rub A Duck imprint.

Sound Avtar, also known as Piyush Bhatnagar, is currently one of the hottest DJ/producers from India whose sound has often been hailed for its diverse drum patterns, heavy bass drops and -lines and a genius mix of grime and non-conventional melodies. For this EP, Sound Avtar teamed up with Phoenyx, a fellow producer from India known for delivering a complete audio-visual experience involving cutting edge electronic music production and live performances.

The two producers now team up for their new Vertigo EP, which features the cuts “Symphonyx”, “Razor”, “Drop Dead”, “Phaze One” and the title track “Vertigo”. For Sound Avtar, the collaboration explored new grounds: “producing this EP together with Phoenyx has been a wonderful experience. The idea behind the EP was to bring forward an attempt to establish a new sound involving elements of dubstep and drumstep as well bass heavy sounds fused seamlessly with progressive, melodic and orchestral elements.”

All tracks completing the EP definitely bring forward killer dance floor material that reveals some serious production skills. As Sound Avtar explains it: “the idea was born from an attempt to make a "large” (epic/dramatic/cinematic) sound that would entice the audience into a "Vertigo" like emotional experience. The tracks are designed to be performed live in front of thousands of listeners, concert style with stunning visuals and music production.”  And given the wall to wall powerhouse quality of all six tracks it won’t be long before DJs will do just that.

Supported by: Frank Ellrich, Re-Zone, Josh Jacobs, Dimitri Kechagias, Electrokill, Riccardo Sada, Eddie Sender, Blake Lewis, Them&Us, Jagged Hedz, Ashley Woodford, Black Sun Empire, Eddy Temple Morris, Dj Rockid, John B, Sickflip.

Track list

  • 01
    By Phoenyx & Sound Avtar
  • 02
    By Sound Avtar
  • 03
    Razor (Vocal Mix)
    By Phoenyx featuring Bruce Deadly
  • 04
    Drop Dead
    By Sound Avtar
  • 05
    Phaze One
    By Phoenyx
  • 06
    By Phoenyx & Sound Avtar