Paul Sawyer - Path to the Sun

Perfecto Black

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Paul Sawyer - Path to the Sun + Origin Of Life
1. Path to the Sun
2. Origin Of Life
3. Path to the Sun (Extended Mix)
4. Origin Of Life (Extended Mix)

Next on Perfecto Black, we welcome back UK producer and DJ Paul Sawyer with this amazing two-tracker Path To The Sun and Origin Of Life. Path To The Sun is both deep and epic in equal measure, with rolling rhythms, subtle melody lines, alien cuts and spaced-out atmospheres. Origin Of Life takes a more driving and melodic turn, with signature beats, brooding tension, beautiful atmospheres and twisted synth lines. All in all, a killer EP from one of the UK's finest!

Track list

  • 01
    Path to the Sun (Extended Mix)
    By Paul Sawyer
  • 02
    Origin Of Life (Extended Mix)
    By Paul Sawyer