Oliver Lieb - Ear Candy


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Fris 1330-0
Oliver Lieb - Ear Candy
1. Original Mix
2. J-Soul Remix

Oliver Lieb presents his new single "Ear Candy" on the Fris! imprint.

Frankfurt based DJ & producer Oliver Lieb is involved in the production of electronic music since 1988. With more than 250 singles and albums including remixes for Faithless, Moby, Snap, Yello, Human League, Mory Kante, Utah Saints and many others, he made it in the premier league of international producers. Oliver also owns the labels “Maschine” and "Solieb Digital" at Beatport to reissue his old music after remastering and polishing the tracks. In February 2012 Oliver Lieb released a mix CD together with Jimmy van M. as "The Audible Suspects" and not too long ago, Oliver released his first EP featuring the original version of "Altiplano" including a Jacob M & Damasko remix.

Given the success of "Altiplano" and the remix that was made by Jacob M and Damasko, it is now "Ear Candy" that receives a well deserved single release and remix treatment. Featuring a build up with sounds that refer to Kraftwerk, "Ear Candy" hits the dance floor for a superb techno workout, with urging electro elements. Even progressive and minimal DJs will be able to add this slammer to their live set.

Supported by Richie Hawtin, Luciano, Re-Zone, Pena, Bobina, Gai Barone, Jimmy le Mac, Dennis van der Geest, Jochem Hamerling, Steve Anderson, Ian Carey, Above & Beyond, Moonbeam, Sam Hopkins, Stoneface & Terminal, Demi, Johan de Kock, Dimitri Kechagias, Ronski Speed, Dazzle, David Casto, Aeron Aether, T.O.M., Probity, Paul Oakenfold, Norbert Pohl (RiseFM), Spix, Tristan, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Mario Rybansky (Dance One Radio), Ad Brown, Stephen J. Kroos/Stefanowitz, Tilt, Johan Nilsson Lecander, Oliver Lang, Ruslan Cross, Sonic Union, Rich Curtis, Aerofoil, Johan Gielen, Ad Brown, DJ Yves Eaux, Shadowfall, Kris O'Neil, Dirkie Coetzee, Roog/Hardsoul, Michel de Winter (Radio Hi-Tec), Angel, Darin Epsilon, Stefan K, dPen, Frank Ellrich, Matt "MyStro" S, Airbase, Leon Bolier, Barry Jamieson, Brian Laruso, Tjerk Coers (Fresh FM) and many more!

Track list

  • 01
    Ear Candy
    By Oliver Lieb
  • 02
    Ear Candy (J-Soul Remix)
    By Oliver Lieb