Noise Revolution - Revelation

Sea to Sun Recordings

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Noise Revolution’s sound defies categories and bends genres. Influences including Massive Attack, Depeche Mode and Radiohead are evident in their music. Noise Revolution is the result of the combination of 6 artists with different musical influences coming from different backgrounds to form a musical hybrid between electronic and organic music, infusing it with genres such as Trip Hop, Rock, Pop, Electronic, Jazz and Soul, genres as varied and diverse as the members of the project themselves.

This project began when Oliver Orbea, a Spanish music producer specializing in electronic music, Micah Sherman, an American violin player and pioneer in the fusion of classic and modern music and Marco A. Papiz, an Argentinian sound engineer, multi-instrumentalist and producer specializing in rock music decided to experiment in the studio, sharing their musical knowledge and divergent influences. In an intentional maneuver to add a classical sound to the project, the producers decided to add Ayako Fujiki, elite classical piano player and concert artist of Japanese origin, who was willing to experiment with styles different from her own for the first time.

Shortly after recording the first demos, the decision to add acoustic percussion to the band was an absolute must. Sebastián A. González, an experienced drummer from Uruguay, joined the project. Having advanced significantly in the music’s production, the band encountered one of their major challenges in this initial stage: finding the voice that would express in a poetical manner the melancholic and decadent tone that surrounds this work. Deniz Reno happened to be exactly what Noise Revolution needed. The Canadian vocalist managed to capture the essence of each song in a mystical manner.

In spite of the distance between band and artist, all parts came together perfectly; the experimental sextet was complete. And so the project was born in Barcelona, a cosmopolitan city in constant change, in the search of new frontiers that promote original ideas and the non-conformism of its inhabitants.

Track list

  • 01
    By Noise Revolution
  • 02
    Street Spirit (Fade Out)
    By Noise Revolution
  • 03
    I Trusted You
    By Noise Revolution