Nafis - Cappadocia


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Songbird 326-0
Nafis - Cappadocia
1. Original
2. Jimmy Roqsta Remix
3. Midnight Star Remix
4. Sensetive5 Remix

Nafis presents his new single for the Songbird imprint, entitled “Cappadocia”.

The young Russian producer from Kazan already issued various singles and publishes a wide variety of his upcoming tracks on his Soundcloud page. The elusive Nafis will certainly put his name on the map once his productions will hit the world’s dance floors. The first title he delivered on the Songbird imprint was “My Way To You”; a bright, positive, genuinely uplifting and well arranged trance cut that adds a new flavour to the current output of state of the art trance. Creating a fragile atmosphere built on a not-too-fast BPM, Nafis programs his arpeggiated synth lines carefully into the soundstage of his productions, a sound that has become his trademark.

"Cappadocia" is in fact Nafis' tribute to the historical region in Central Anatolia, Turkey, known for its chimney rock formations. The tell tale style of the arrangement of the original version comes full circle in the remixes, turning "Cappadocia" into a perfect ISOS style and still Balearic sounding dance hit.

Supported by: Rafael Osmo, Kristina Sky, M.I.K.E., Pedro Del Mar, Andrea Mazza, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Ashley Wallbridge, Thomas Datt, Mr Pit, Danilo Ercole, Jochen Miller, Ronski Speed and many more.

Track list

  • 01
    By Nafis
  • 02
    Cappadocia (Jimmy Roqsta Remix)
    By Nafis
  • 03
    Cappadocia (Midnight Star Remix)
    By Nafis
  • 04
    Cappadocia (Sensetive5 Remix)
    By Nafis