Moonbeam - Breathless

Black Hole

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Black Hole 376-0
Moonbeam - Breathless
1.Original // 2.Ben Preston Remix // 3.Kid Massive Remix

Moonbeam drops another single taken from their album “Around The World”. This time it’s “Breathless”, released on the Black Hole imprint.

It is no surprise that our Russian friends from Moonbeam are still scoring big time with their album and the batch of singles that came off of it only confirms their consistent quality when it comes to new productions. “Breathless” is a smooth but ever so crisp and moving dance track. The vocals are subtly placed in the mix, the bass line is warm and soothing and for the chorus we have these Jean Michel Jarre style synth licks. You just have to hear it to understand it. Superb, state of the art vocal trance that turns the competition look like absolute beginners.

Ben Preston and Kid Massive delivered outstanding remixes for the crowded clubs and the packed in- and outdoor dance floors. They took away the soft edges, roughed it up and created their own trademark renditions for the solid live sets. With Moonbeam’s new single you will leave everyone on the dance floor “Breathless”!

Supported by:
Armin van Buuren, Kid Massive, Ronski Speed, Mark Sherry, Rachel Rixham (Beats Media), Darko Wandem, Dimitri Kechagias, Above & Beyond, Joche, Hamerling, Eric van Kleef (Slam!FM, Clubbin’), Kris O’Neil, Ernesto vs. Bastian, Danilo Ercole, DJ Feel, Marc Zims, Andrea Mazza, Steve Anderson, M.I.K.E., Talla2XL, Julius Beat, B.E.N., Markus Schulz, DJ Sasj, Dazzle, Paul Mendez, Lange, Axwell, tyDi, Pedro Del Mar, Mallorca Lee, Michael Paterson, Ronski Speed, Gareth Emery, Dave Seaman, Andy Moor, Blake Jarrell, Tjerk Coers (Fresh FM), William Daniel (Tillate Magazine), Sied van Riel, Stack (Overdrive Underground), Simon Budziszyn, Mario Rybansky (Dance One Radio), Mark Loverush, Tom Leclercq, Stuart Millar, Lisa Lashes, Jochen Miller, Leon Bolier and many more.

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Track list

  • 01
    By Moonbeam
  • 02
    Breathless (Kid Massive Remix)
    By Moonbeam
  • 03
    Breathless (Ben Preston Remix)
    By Moonbeam