Modern Machines - We Are the Night

Black Hole

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Black Hole 598-0
Modern Machines - We Are The Night (Remixes)
1. Dirtywork Remix
2. Ron Reeser Remix
3. Kaster Remix
4. Rick Wonder Remix
5. Hectic Remix
6. Sound Avtar Remix

The remix package of Modern Machines debut single on Black Hole Recordings ‘We Are the Night’ is finally here. Five of the finest DJ’s have taken on the task of remixing this rough, originally electro house, track. Dirtywork, Ron Reeser and Rick Wonder all created they own progressive house versions of the track. Whereas Kaster kept the track in the electro house genre, while giving it his own twist. Hectic and Sound Avtar do what they do best and both made an unique dubstep version of ‘We Are the Night’. This package certainly contains something for everybody.

Track list

  • 01
    We Are the Night (Dirtywork Remix)
    By Modern Machines
  • 02
    We Are the Night (Ron Reeser Remix)
    By Modern Machines
  • 03
    We Are the Night (Kaster Remix)
    By Modern Machines
  • 04
    We are the Night (Rick Wonder Remix)
    By Modern Machines
  • 05
    We Are the Night (Hectic Remix)
    By Modern Machines
  • 06
    We Are the Night (Sound Avtar Remix)
    By Modern Machines