Mike Saint-Jules - Cloud Surfing

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Mike Saint-Jules - Cloud Surfing
1. Extended Mix

Hot on the heels of his Mars Rover collab with Danilo Ercole, Mike Saint-Jules returns to Create with another storming release. Cloud Surfing is a story of 3 parts. Mike takes no prisoners with the first bass drop after the intro mix-in beats, it's absolutely slamming and infectious. The track builds and launches into the breakdown and then the title of the track becomes apparent. Beautiful airy chords and delicate piano lift and carry you away and what follows is so rewarding; the beats come back in with a wall of stunning chord stabs. It's a truly glorious drop which is then followed by a reprise of the infectious grooved bass from the intro. Cloud Surfing is a very skillfully crafted blend of beauty and danceability and there's plenty more coming from this exciting Create artist this year! 

Track list

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    Cloud Surfing (Extended Mix)
    By Mike Saint-Jules