MH20 & MZR - The Deep Beauty


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Something truly beautiful here from a team-up between MH20 a.k.a. Martin Elliot (Czech Republic) and MzR a.k.a. Ramjeet Mazaheer (Mauritius).

The Original Mix is warm, deep progressive house music at its finest and most immersive. A gently stabbed riff filters and weaves around a spacious throbbing mix, underpinned by a deep kick and analogue bassline. A melodic but subtle topline emerges and the break and is joined by rattling metallic sprinklings.

On the remix tip is Noraj Cue a.k.a. Jaron van der Weg (The Netherlands). The mix kicks off with a neatly programmed 303 bassline and Lieb-eqsue offbeat hat – keep in the spirit of the original version the track keeps things deep and spacious, adding a second layer of expressive arpeggiated synth lines, without getting complicated Noraj lets the machines do the talking here. This is proper Head Music.

Track list

  • 01
    The Deep Beauty
    By MH20 & MZR
  • 02
    The Deep Beauty (Noraj Cue Remix)
    By MH20 & MZR