MH20 - Black Stars E.P.


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MH20 - Black Stars E.P. 
1. Black Stars
2. Omnia Circa Nos  

Returning to Molecule for a second release (previously ‘The Deep Beauty’ caused a ripple in the underground progressive scene) MH20 offers up two very different tracks.

Heading the charge is the beautiful and mysterious ‘Black Stars’, build around a warm FM pad and subliminal vocal edits, it is proper eyes-closed heads-down deep house music. On the flip is ‘Omnia Circa Nos’, with a French deep house flavor, groovy Rhodes and synth stabs ride a neat chord progression with some classic percussion elements which will raise a smile on quality late night house floors. Smooth.

Track list

  • 01
    Black Stars (Original Mix)
    By MH20
  • 02
    Omnia Circa Nos (Original Mix)
    By MH20