Metta & Glyde - Live To Tell / Colliding Particles


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Metta & Glyde - Live To Tell / Colliding Particles
1. Live To Tell
2. Colliding Particles

Metta & Glyde return to Regenerate, this time with a two-track EP. Live To Tell is the true embodiment of the pure essence of Metta & Glyde, searing leds, pure drive and power, and razor sharp technique. Truly a masterpiece. Then for the B-Side they explore another avenue of sound, this time in a more tech-trance vein, as they show us how true audio exploration is done in Colliding Particles.

Track list

  • 01
    Live To Tell (Extended Mix)
    By Metta & Glyde
  • 02
    Colliding Particles (Extended Mix)
    By Metta & Glyde