Max Graham - Moonchild


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Cycles 014
Max Graham - Moonchild
1. Tim Penner Remix
2. Forerunners Remix
3. Alex Shore Remix

Another of Max Graham’s tracks from 2016 get a revisit from three excellent talents. Moonchild is an emotional trancer that’s beautifully reinterpreted first by a master, Tim Penner. Tim takes Moonchild in a darker more hypnotic direction with a stunning breakdown that creeps up on you and leaves you breathless. Second on this package is deep progressive man of the moment Forerunners with an excellent floaty ethereal vibe using his delicate melodic touch. To complete the package is an amazing progressive trance remix by newcomer Alex Shore. Alex caught Max’s ear as a producer who hits that energetic trancey sound but maintains a classy touch to it allowing the melody and music to speak for itself without overpowering formulaic sounds, a true trance gem.

Track list

  • 01
    Moonchild (Tim Penner Remix)
    By Max Graham
  • 02
    Moonchild (Forerunners Remix)
    By Max Graham
  • 03
    Moonchild (Alex Shore Remix)
    By Max Graham