Marton Lovei - The Swarming Caterpillar EP


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Something deliciously different here from Canadian producer Marton Lovei.

The Original Mix is a warped collection of burbling arpeggios and extended synth tones, with signature LFO triggered vocal phrases infiltrating the mix. Label favorite and rising progressive house star Konektiv (Isolator / Operator / Corazon Hauzero) cranks up a mean future house groove, filtering and processing those elements from the Original to their core. This is Hauz music for the connoisseur. Completing the release is a second track from Lovei which is more deep experimental murky analogue sequences.

Track list

  • 01
    The Swarming Catapillar (Konektiv Absolut Hauz Remix)
    By Marton Lovei
  • 02
    The Swarming Catapillar
    By Marton Lovei
  • 03
    The Devils Courtyard
    By Marton Lovei