Marsbeing - Open Your Eyes


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Songbird 268-0
Marsbeing - Open Your Eyes
1.Original // 2.Ergorythm Remix

Marsbeing presents his new single on our Songbird imprint, entitled "Open Your Eyes".

For those who recently obtained Andy Duguid's new mix compilation "Miracle Moments", the name Marsbeing will not come as a surprise, 'cause Duguid used the track "Moonman" for his double disc release. And DJs should keep their eyes peeled with this new title, 'cause "Open Your Eyes" is another quality production that will end up on many modern track lists, whether it's in live sets or on future compilations. Buried deep down in "Open Your Eyes" there is something subtle that triggers memories of old Gary Numan productions, but besides that, it's the arrangement here that scores big time. The subtle use of percussion and synths have a certain 'far away' feeling that will have its effect on the dance floor: you simply can't stand still.

The Ergorhythm Remix is a superb progressive rendition of the original and is perfect for the crowded live sets. Marsbeing delivered another slammer with "Open Your Eyes"!

Track list

  • 01
    Open Your Eyes
    By Marsbeing
  • 02
    Open Your Eyes (Egorythm Remix)
    By Marsbeing