Mark Sherry & Marcella Woods - Can’t Live Without Your Love

Outburst Records

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Mark Sherry & Marcella Woods - Can't Live Without Your Love
1. Extended Outburst Vocal Mix
2. Outburst Vocal Mix

With this project we celebrate Outburst Records’ 100th release with Mark Sherry alongside legendary vocalist Marcella Woods! We had one goal, to create something extra-special for this milestone release, and trust us, I Can’t Live Without Your Love is the vocal anthem you've all been waiting for! Marcella is an exceptional vocalist that’s very well known for her collaborations with Matt Darey. Her gorgeously captivating, yet haunting vocals alongside Mark Sherry’s soaring synths, warming arpeggios and lush pads make ICLWYL the ultimate in trance euphoria, a future anthem you simply can’t live without this summer!

Track list

  • 01
    Can't Live Without Your Love (Extended Outburst Vocal Mix)
    By Mark Sherry & Marcella Woods