Mark Sherry - Imbecile

Techburst Records

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Mark Sherry - Imbecile (Remixes)
1. Chicago Loop Remix
2. T78 Remix
3. 53 Hz Remix
4. Sylar Remix

Mark’s recent single Imbecile blurred the lines between trance and techno, so it was only right for us to enrol the talents of some of the hardest hitting techno producers of the moment and put together this dedicated techno remix edition on TBR! Chicago Loop, T78, Sylar (a.k.a. Liam Melly) and 53 Hz all stamp their own unique trademark sounds onto their individual interpretations, with intensity and energy levels set to high impact right across the board. Discover your inner imbecilic tendencies and let’s all get a bit stupid on the dancefloor with this huge release!

Track list

  • 01
    Imbecile (Chicago Loop Remix)
    By Mark Sherry
  • 02
    Imbecile (T78 Remix)
    By Mark Sherry
  • 03
    Imbecile (53 Hz Remix)
    By Mark Sherry
  • 04
    Imbecile (Sylar Remix)
    By Mark Sherry

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