Mark Norman - Phantom Manor

Magik Muzik

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Magik Muzik 984-0
Mark Norman - Phantom Manor
1. MaRLo Remix
2. Dirty Herz Remix

Mark Norman present the new remixes of "Phantom Manor" on the Magik Muzik imprint.

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from the two producers, but they're still fully active and now present the remix package of their own, still huge classic track "Phantom Manor". As with so many other high profile artists from the last twenty years, "Phantom Manor" will most probably be the title with which everyone will remember the tracks that put the name Mark Norman on the map. And with hit singles like "Life's Too Short", "Ventura", "Brasilia" and "Colour My Eyes" notched to their belt, a remix project for "Phantom Manor" was only a logical follow up to that success.

The strongest feature that turned "Phantom Manor" into the classic it has become is without a doubt the fabulous and haunting theme. Whoever hears the melody line of the track can't get it out of his head for days. Both MaRLo and Dirty HerZ honor the original arrangement, but have both created extensive and synth laden new renditions of the original. "Phantom Manor", now remixed, is an absolute must for every jock behind the turntables; a new future classic.

Supported by: Eric van Kleef (SLAM!FM), Allure, Ferry Corsten, Kyau & Albert, Richard Durand, Cosmic Gate, Markus Schulz, Shadowfall, Riley & Durrant, Nic Chagall, Solarstone, Kris O’Neil, Tom Leclercq, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Mario Rybansky (Dance One Radio), Tjerk Coers (Fresh FM), Liam Shachar (Perfecto), Stoneface & Terminal, Dirty Herz, Michael Farrell and many more!

Track list

  • 01
    Phantom Manor (MaRLo Remix)
    By Mark Norman
  • 02
    Phantom Manor (Dirty Herz Remix)
    By Mark Norman