Mark Norman - Cheeky Monday

Black Hole

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Black Hole 451-0
Mark Norman - Cheeky Monday
1. Original Mix
2. Radio Edit

Mark Norman present their brand new single "Cheeky Monday" on the Black Hole imprint.

It had been a while since we had heard from the two producers, but they're still fully active and recently the boys presented the remix package of their own, still huge classic track "Phantom Manor". As with so many other high profile artists from the last twenty years, "Phantom Manor" will most probably be the title with which everyone will remember the tracks that put the name Mark Norman on the map. After hit singles like "Life's Too Short", "Ventura", "Brasilia" and "Colour My Eyes" and the remixes for "Phantom Manor" it now was time for Mark Norman to present a brand new killer track and here they are with "Cheeky Monday".

Fans and DJs alike will have to agree that "Cheeky Monday" shows that Mark Norman has definitely upgraded their sound and style. Keeping the large events with thousands of party people on the dance floor in mind, the single enters like a storm and powers the house with some serious beats, big fat synths and a crazy break. Guaranteed to live up your weekend going out, "Cheeky Monday" is a must have single.

Track list

  • 01
    Cheeky Monday
    By Mark Norman
  • 02
    Cheeky Monday (Radio Edit)
    By Mark Norman