Marius Ene - Out of the Night EP


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Molecule 037
Marius Ene - Out Of The Night EP 
1. Out Of The Night (Original Mix) 
2. Alter Ego (Original Mix)  

Marius Ene gets his first release, and here at Molecule we are touched that he choose us. ‘Out Of The Night’ is deep moody proper progressive house, or call it techno if you wish. Propelled by a smooth bassline Marius treats us to some fat and expressive analogue synth rises in the break, dropping back into that hypnotizing groove. Nothing clever of fancy here, just deep dance music. The flip ‘Ater Ego’ is more uplifting in tone, built around a tight groove and some widescreen pads and classy understated melodic textures. Music for serious clubbers.

Track list

  • 01
    Out of the Night (Original Mix)
    By Marius Ene
  • 02
    Alter Ego (Original Mix)
    By Marius Ene