Mario Piu - Thunderstruck

Outburst Records

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Mario Piu - Thunderstruck
1. Voolgarizm Mix
2.  Original Mix

It's no secret that we are massive fans of the legendary BXR label from Mauro Picotto here at Outburst! Mario Piu was the yang to Mauro's ying in the studio back in the day - and with a ridiculous amount of immense genre-busting collaborations, they dominated the trance/techno scene together. After Mario's techno debut earlier this year on Techburst, we now proudly present his long overdue return to the trance scene! The Voolgarizm mix of Thunderstruck is a classic-meets-modern tech-trance soundclash! With it's infectious groove and jagged stabs the track thunders along to the break - where a recognisable and catchy (yet seriously chilling) lead riff grabs us by the throat and just doesn't let go. The track's power-packed drop does not disappoint when it kicks in for some serious main-stage-mayhem! Mario's Original Mix supplies us with a more techno-driven alternative that packs every bit as much punch, but is more aimed towards those hazy and smokey 4am club moments. With it’s stripped back tribal feel, this mix compliments the release to complete the ultimate package. We are extremely proud of this release from the legend that is Mario Piu... maximum support expected!

Track list

  • 01
    Thunderstruck (Voolgarizm Mix)
    By Mario Piu
  • 02
    Thunderstruck (Original Mix)
    By Mario Piu