Mario Piu & Keegwa - Aldebaran

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Mario Piu & Keegwa - Aldebaran
1. Extended Mix

The legendary Mario Piu joins forces with music producer KEEGWA on our next Create Strobe offering. Atmospheres develops as Aldebaran builds on top of its very solid kick and chunky bass with chopped vocals and plucky arps. As we transcend into the break, it’s that second chord that gets you, then a hanging delay and reverb, echo in a beautifully soft-attack arp melody. The tempo change really adds to the expressiveness of the breakdown and it picks up again into the drop, an explosive moment of melody with all the space and calm of trance from a previous decade. Viva l'Italia!

Track list

  • 01
    Aldebaran (Extended Mix)
    By Mario Piu & Keegwa