Manufactured Superstars featuring Arianny Celeste - Top of the World

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The venerable Details magazine featured them in the fall 2012 men’s fashion issue. Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and MMA (mixed martial arts) superhumans like Chuck Liddell are oft in their audiences when a night of revelry and dancing is on the menu. We’re talking about the Manufactured Superstars, of course, the hit-making duo otherwise known as Denver’s Bradley Roulier and Shawn Sabo! The Manufactured Superstars are known visually by the matching NASA spacesuits they wear to every DJ show (i.e. XS in Las Vegas, LIV in Miami, the Gansevoort Hotel in New York City, Pacha in Ibiza), or outdoor festivals (i.e. Electric Daisy Carnival in New York, Las Vegas and San Juan Puerto Rico). More importantly, the Manufactured Superstars are known sonically for their high-energy DJ sets, which always include their own productions and specialty remixes of top tunes; it is not unusual to hear the duo blaze through 100 or more tracks in a two-hour live DJ set.

On the radio, the Manufactured Superstars spread the party vibe to listeners across North America and the world with chart-topping hit singles including: “TAKE ME OVER” ft Scarlett Quinn; “SILVER SPLITS THE BLUE” with Jquintel & Jeziel Quintela ft Christian Burns; and even a bootleg of Annie Lennox’s “LITTLE BIRD,” all winning raves from fellow DJs and tastemakers alike.

Look around at the Manufactured Superstars’ live shows and you’ll see beautiful, spacesuit-clad hotties dancing up a storm. Something about Shawn and Bradley attract gorgeous women. It’s no wonder that the Manufactured Superstars again double-team with UFC Octagon vixen and Playboy and Maxim covergirl, Arianny Celeste, on 'TOP OF THE WORLD,' an electrifying, thrusting missile set to thrill. (Arianny also starred in the official music video for “SILVER SPLITS THE BLUE.”) Bouncy, muscular beats lift Arianny's come-hither vocals to new heights and lay waste to the world's glittering dancefloors in one massive, bombastic swoop!

Said Bradley and Shawn about their latest in-studio collaboration with Arianny, “We loved working with Arianny on the set of ‘Silver Splits The Blue’ and asked her to come into the studio one day when we were recording tracks. She’s actually also a trained singer and she was a total pro during the recording process. We got the vibe pumpin’ during the session and she just totally nailed it!” The result is “TOP OF THE WORLD,” a feel-good, radio-friendly, singalong banger sure to leave listeners panting.

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    Top of the World
    By Manufactured Superstars featuring Arianny Celeste