Manufactured Superstars - Angry Circus / Drummer Drums

Magik Muzik

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Magik Muzik 922-0
Manufactured Superstars - ‘Angry Circus’ & ‘Drummer Drums’
1.Angry Circus (Original // 2.Angry Circus (Funkerman Remix) // 3.Angry Circus (Save The Robot Remix) // 4.Angry Circus (Jquintel Remix) // 5.Angry Circus (Jquintel Dub Mix) // 6.Drummer Drums (Original) // 7.Drummer Drums (Jeziel Quintela Remix)

Manufactured Superstars make their debut on the Magik Muzik imprint and drop the titles “Angry Circus” and “Drummer Drums”.

For decades, all DJs on this planet worked with vinyl 12” records to build their set. And as with all records, you always had an A- and a B-side. With this new single, Manufactured Superstars in fact to just that: you get two hot titles in one slamming package. The focus here is of course on “Angry Circus”; an absolute no-brainer for every self respecting club- and house DJ. Brace yourself for a funky BPM, rough beats, a fat bassline, urging synth stabs and an addictive melody that gets you hooked in seconds; the complete set of ingredients that guarantee a kick-ass floor filler. Secure a large pool, bring in the drinks, cocktails, plenty of hot girls in bikini and let the party begin. By the time “Angry Circus” tears the roof off, you won’t mind mixing your transition to “Drummer Drum”, just to extend the fun just a little longer.

Today’s most in demand remixers reworked “Angry Circus” and poured their trademark sound over it. We have the house stomping version of Funkerman, the trancy remix of Save The Robot and a total of three remixes done by Jeziel Quintela; all three perfect for the clubs, outdoor events and the Balearic beach parties for summer 2011!

Supported by:
Kid Massive, Robbie Rivera, Armin van Buuren, Tiësto, Judge Jules, Groove Armada, George Acosta, Julius Beat, First State, DJ Le Blanc, Peter Gelderblom, Eddie Amador, Jquintel, Andy Duguid, DJ Antares, Stafford Brothers, Sol Shafer, Cevin Fisher, Bad Boy Bil, Digital Lab Music, Tom Le Clercq, DJ Dragon, Riley & Durrant and many more!

Track list

  • 01
    Angry Circus
    By Manufactured Superstars
  • 02
    Angry Circus (Funkerman Remix)
    By Manufactured Superstars
  • 03
    Angry Circus (Save The Robot Remix)
    By Manufactured Superstars
  • 04
    Angry Circus (Jquintel Remix)
    By Manufactured Superstars
  • 05
    Angry Circus (Jquintel Dub Mix)
    By Manufactured Superstars
  • 06
    Drummer Drums
    By Manufactured Superstars and Trent Cantrelle
  • 07
    Drummer Drums (Jeziel Quintela Remix)
    By Manufactured Superstars and Trent Cantrelle

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