Mallorca Lee & Stephen Kirkwood - 2029

Outburst Records

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Mallorca Lee & Stephen Kirkwood - 2029 
1. Original Mix
2. Jamie Walker Remix

Mallorca Lee has been a long term friend and colleague of Mark’s since the very early rave days and another friend of theirs, Stephen Kirkwood, currently hails as one of Scotland’s youngest (and freshest) trance DJ’s/producers out there at the minute - so it seemed like a very obvious choice for these 2 to get themselves into the studio together! Raucous and techy beats lead the charge of this tech-trance monster, before we get to the catchy melodic breakdown that comes complete with a vocal sample that discusses the advancement of technology up until the year 2029. Dark and twisted synths quickly take over and build us up to an absolute beast of a tech drop that will rock any club to it’s foundations! Jamie Walker also delivers yet another one of his bass-quaking remixes, that oozes first class tech-trance production skills as always! Outburst don’t do half measures, this is 100% prime-time! 

Track list

  • 01
    2029 (Original Mix)
    By Mallorca Lee & Stephen Kirkwood
  • 02
    2029 (Jamie Walker Remix)
    By Mallorca Lee & Stephen Kirkwood