Luvdeluxe - Blondes vs. Brunettes


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Avanti 501-0
Luvdeluxe - Blondes vs. Brunettes
1. Original Mix

Luvdeluxe presents his first single "Blondes vs. Brunettes" on the Avanti imprint.

Luvdeluxe is a project of the well known Dave Schiemann. Dave started his career in electronic dance music in early 2007 and has built an impressive discography featuring titles and collaborations such as "See U In The Moonlight / Rapid Create", "Dexeron / Control Leads" (with Chris de Seed and Messler), "Thoughts", "These Days", "Overload" (all on In Trance We Trust), "The Drop" (with Jonas Stenberg) and many, many more. Now under the moniker of Luvdeluxe, Dave Schiemann shows a different side of his established sound and style.

For the techno, house and even club jocks, "Blondes vs. Brunettes" is the single of choice from the moment the first beats kick in. Dave's complex arrangement turns "Blondes vs. Brunettes" into a track with a well defined, rough style.

Supported by Mark Sherry, Jochem Hamerling, Myon, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Above & Beyond, Mario Rybansky, Ad Brown, Mr Pit, Bobina, Rafael Osmo, David Casto, Riccardo Sada, Spix, Dimitri Kechagias, Spix, Solarstone, T.O.M., Liam Shachar, Mike Koglin, Jeziel Quintela, Shadowfall, Markus Schulz, James Brooke, Kyau & Albert, Ferry Corsten, Aeonism, Eddie Sender, Paul van Dyk, Cevin Fisher, Ronski Speed, James Hannan, Tempo Giusto, DJ Ange, Jeremy Golden, Michael Myers, Andrea Mazza, Tjerk Coers (Fresh FM), Austin Kramer (Sirius XM), Lange, David Vendetta, Kris O'Neil, Danilo Ercole and many more!

Track list

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    Blondes vs. Brunettes
    By Luvdeluxe