Lence and Pluton - Times Like This


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Songbird 328-0
Lence and Pluton - Times Like This
1. Original

Lence and Pluton present their debut single, “Times Like This”, on the Songbird imprint.

Lence and Pluton present themselves as a project of two independent musicians who joined forces with a purpose: to bring Ukrainian based electronic dance music to new heights. Their productions have indeed been snapped up by people like Tiësto, Rank1, Roger Shah, Ashley Wallbridge and others. Lence and Pluton have done quite a few remixes already and worked on tracks like Astuni & Shamano’s “The Brotherhood”, Morvan’s “Kiss Of A Muse”, Mike van Fabio’s “Night Course” and also released their own single entitled “Virtual Mirror”. With “Times Like This” the two Ukrainian friends take their first steps on one of the Black Hole sublabels.

“Times Like This” is a bright and open production with an arrangement that breathes everything trance and still has a clearly progressive build up. Many will agree that it’s absolute ISOS material. Superb debut single.

Supported by: Steve Aoki, Eric van Kleef (Slam FM, Clubbin’), Riccardo Sada, Liam Shachar, Re-Zone, Shadowfall, Julius Beat, Paul Oakenfold, Alex O’Rion, James Hannan, Bobina, Tjerk Coers (Fresh FM), Dimitri Kechagias, Robbie Rivera, Kelvin Ramirez, Mario Rybansky (Dance One Radio), Charles Mc Thorn (Sunshine-Live Germany), Allure, David Casto, Bad Boy Bill, Riley & Durrant, Tom Leclercq and many more.

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    Times Like This
    By Lence and Pluton