Lange presents Firewall - The Great Silence

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Lange presents Firewall - The Great Silence
1. Extended Mix

Label boss Lange is back on Create with The Great Silence. Out from the intro, it's straight into a gritty, rumbling sub bassline with tuned percussion driving the track. Things intensify as the track builds to the breakdown with chord stabs, synth drones, and rides flying. In the break, guitar power chords emerge at a tangent before a synth arp bubbles from beneath leading to the dramatic entrance of a church organ as the piece crescendo's with melody and intensity. There's a brief sense of calm before the track drops once again into the sub bass and kick, accompanied by precision chord stabs. The energy in The Great Silence is high from open to close; we expect nothing less from Lange.

Track list

  • 01
    The Great Silence (Extended Mix)
    By Lange presents Firewall