Kreisel & Carara - Model SG45 + Type CK46

Techburst Records

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Kreisel & Carara - Model SG45 + Type CK46
1. Model SG45
2. Type CK46

Kreisel and Carara have had a steady release of prime time techno releases over the last few years on some great labels such as Yin Yang, Dolma, JOOF and Vapour Trail. They now turn their sights to Techburst to lock in this beast of an EP. Model SG45 and Type CK46 are two dark and underground prototypes that have arrived to us directly from the future. Road tested and ready to release on TBR!

Track list

  • 01
    Model SG45 (Extended Mix)
    By Kreisel & Carara
  • 02
    Type CK46 (Extended Mix)
    By Kreisel & Carara