Kill Control - X-Play EP

Rub A Duck

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Rub A Duck 054-0
Kill Control - X-Play EP
1. Drop The Bass
2. Killer Melons
3. Tinplate

Introducing a new artist to the Rub A Duck imprint: Kill Control, who presents his debut, the "X-Play" EP, featuring the tracks "Drop The Bass", "Killer Melons" and "Tinplate".

Kill Control, real name Roman Kondratiev, was born in Irkutsk, Russia, on October 04th 1993. He caught the electronic dance virus at a young age and in 2010 he took his first steps in music production. In 2012 he reached the track quality he envisioned and published his initial output online. Tracks like "Rain", "More Positive" and "Triple B" all found their way to the world, but it finally was the cut "Drop The Bass" that the caught the attention of the dubstep community. Singed to Rub A Duck earlier this year, the young producer added two more titles in order to complete a total of three tracks for his "X-Play EP".

Opening the EP with the menacing synth riffs of "Drop The Bass", Kill Control serves some well driven dubstep. Continuing with "Killer Melons", Roman flows between drum 'n' bass and dubstep elements, creating high pressure drops. "Tinplate" concludes the EP, rolling out a bass heavy carpet of superb trap. Beware of your sub woofers!

Track list

  • 01
    Drop the Bass
    By Kill Control
  • 02
    Killer Melons
    By Kill Control with Mellon
  • 03
    By Kill Control