Junk Project with DJ Sakin - Then We Meet Again

Perfecto Records

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Junk Project with DJ Sakin - Then We Meet Again
1. Extended Mix
2. Original Mix

Then We Meet Again is an energetic melodic trance anthem and cooperation of the almighty German trance stars Junk Project and his partner in crime DJ Sakin. DJ Sakin - gold awarded and Echo nominated, is very well-known for his hit tune DJ Sakin & Friend - Braveheart, and he has released successfully on labels like X-Trax, Overdose, Bonzai, Clone 2.1 and Grotesque. Junk Project is, just like Sakin, 25 years in the music business and playing across the globe. Junk Project wrote music history with anthems like Brain Tool, Composure, Control ’99 and had releases on labels such as UPB, Drizzly, Perfecto, Outburst and many more. Together they’ve created another trance bomb, fully charged and ready to explode!

Track list

  • 01
    Then We Meet Again (Extended Mix)
    By Junk Project with DJ Sakin