Julius Beat and Olbaid - All I Need

Black Hole

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Julius Beat & Olbaid - All I Need‏
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Julius Beat and Olbaid drop their new single “All I Need” on the Black Hole imprint.

Julius Beat, the talented DJ/Producer from Antioquia, Colombia has been active for quite some time now in the industry and has released several tracks, such as “Our Feeling” and “Get Mad” with D.E.R., “Pure Love” and “Blue Light” with Eddy Karmona, “New Home” and “Greater Than Yourself”. For this release Julius once again produced together with Olbaid, also a Latin American DJ/Producer but hailing from Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. Olbaid began in 2006 and his early singles were first published in 2008 on Beatport and he recently remixed the previously mentioned “Get Mad” single. The two now proudly present the new single “All I Need” as the follow up to their most recent single “The Fire Inside”.

“The Fire Inside” is an almost tribal style club single and makes a real difference in sound compared to the previous single of the two Latin American friends. Absolute floorfiller material that still has all the trance elements in it that make every DJ say that “All I Need” is this single!

Track list

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    All I Need‏
    By Julius Beat and Olbaid