Julius Beat and Eddy Karmona - Blue Light

Black Hole

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Black Hole 401-0
Julius Beat & Eddy Karmona - Blue Light
1. Original
2. Weepee Remix
3. Adham Ashraf Remix
4. Ruben Amaya Remix

Julius Beat and Eddy Karmona present their new single “Blue Light” on the Black Hole imprint.

“Blue Light” is the perfect example of what serious and careful arranging can lead to. Julius and Eddy have focused strongly on the musicality of this superb new production and the end result is a smooth and crisp trancer that has everything in it to define an ISOS style single. There seems to be a mixture of three cultures in “Blue Light”, ‘cause initially we will hear a Japanese melody that softly plays in the background, but when we arrive in the break, things all of a sudden turn to a looped Western piano line and Spanish/Latin American guitar playing. The piano melody brings back memories of old Kate Bush recordings, which says enough about the musical character of the entire song. It’s beautiful and requires serious attention when you listen to it.

The remix package features absolutely marvelous new renditions of the original. The Weepee Remix takes parts of the original melody, but reloops the whole thing in a new way, everything changed into a danceable version. Adham Ashraf keeps the break in his remix as mesmerizing and magical as in the original, but still manages to create a more or less techno-ish production around it. Ruben Amaya stays close to the original arrangement, but his focus on the new string and beat programming make his version perfect for the clubs. Julius Beat and Eddy Karmona give us “Blue Light” and a hit single!

Supported by:
George Acosta, Dave Dresden, Gareth Emeryy, Riccardo Sada (DJ Mag Italy), Eddie Sender, Mario Rybansky (Dance One Radio), Rachel Rixham (Beats Media), Amex, Tjerk Coers (Fresh FM), Dimitriy Kechagias (Dance Radio Global), Mike Saint-Jules, Airbase, The Scumfrog, Ton TB, Phynn, Markus Schulz, Peter Gelderblom, John Askew, Paul Oakenfold, Charles Mc Thorn, Oliver Lang, Muzikjunki, Santerna, David Casto, Stack (Overdrive Underground), Tom Leclercq, Jorn van Deynhoven and many more.

Track list

  • 01
    Blue Light
    By Julius Beat and Eddy Karmona
  • 02
    Blue Light (Weepee Remix)
    By Julius Beat and Eddy Karmona
  • 03
    Blue Light (Adham Ashraf Remix)
    By Julius Beat and Eddy Karmona
  • 04
    Blue Light (Ruben Amaya Remix)
    By Julius Beat and Eddy Karmona