Jorg Zimmer - Sunset On Tokyo


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Fris! 1320-0
Jorg Zimmer - Sunset On Tokyo

Jorg Zimmer presents his new single on the Fris! imprint, entitled “Sunset On Tokyo”.

There have been plenty of documentaries about how busy Tokyo can bee on a regular weekday when everyone has to go to work. Images of crowded trains that even require special employees to squeeze every last commuter into the wagons, packed highways and countless pedestrians crossing the well known streets of Tokyo at the break of dawn. It must have been a source of inspiration for Jorg Zimmer, ‘cause his percussive and definitely progressive track “Sunset On Tokyo” has everything in it to work as the perfect soundtrack for a city life movie about the big city. The single has an incredible drive and the subtle use of synths creates a steam train style atmosphere that will work perfectly during a higher BPM progressive live set.

Jorg Zimmer’s new “Sunset On Tokyo” puts the energy in every progressive live set!

Supported by:
Eddie Sender, Riccardo Sada, Miss Nine, Jason van Wyk, Dimitri Kechagias, Lizzie Curious, tyDi, Dash Berlin, Tom Leclercq and many more

Track list

  • 01
    Sunset On Tokyo
    By Jorg Zimmer