Jorg Zimmer - Obstacles


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Fris! 1325-0
Jorg Zimmer EP
1. Delusion
2. Obstacles

Jorg Zimmer releases his new EP on the Fris! imprint, featuring the titles "Delusion" and "Obstacles".

Jorg Zimmer's personal statement, to be found in his biography, says “I play music and make music!” It's modest, but for his followers it's clear that his name is well established in the industry by now. Known to his friends and family as Padraig Lavery, Jorg lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland. As a DJ and producer he does his thing within the realm of progressive, trance and house. Many will still remember his EP featuring the tracks “Acamar” and "Sicily"; he later on released the floor filler single entitled “Time” and the follow up "Against The World".

For this new EP, Jorg showcases his skills as a producer of tightly arranged progressive tracks on the minimal tip. Both "Delusion" and "Obstacles" are perfect cuts to use in a mix transition of a live set and keep everyone on the dance floor.

Supported by: Fedde Le Grand, Erick Eerdhuizen, Eddie Sender, Richie Hawtin, James Hannan, Dimitri Kechagias, Markuz Schulz, The Scumfrog, Tom Leclercq, Mario Rybansky and many more!

Track list

  • 01
    By Jorg Zimmer
  • 02
    By Jorg Zimmer