John O'Callaghan, John Askew and Standerwick - Subculture the Residents Volume 2

Black Hole

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It’s been 11 months since John O’Callaghan rolled out his first fan entrancing, press-applauded ‘Residents’ mix-comp. In that interim Subculture’s lodestar has again been 360-ing the world, bringing the sounds & sights of his electronic music marque to clubs, arenas & festivals.

 Now, the news that that trance lovers of most persuasions will have been waiting to hear… October sees O’Callaghan’s return to the mix-comp platform for another epic journey into the super-culture of Subculture. Flanking him, for this new outing are two new Residents, with John joined at the decks by the seasoned hands of John Askew and young-gun, star-on-the-rise Standerwick.

 Collectively, they’ve put together three ‘Residents: Volume 2’ discs, each capacity-packed with music from the scene’s brightest & best… Among them, you’ll find locomotive gear from mainstagers like Ferry Corsten, Tiësto, Aly & Fila, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Sneijder & Bryan Kearney, as well as cult figures like John 00 Fleming, Simon Patterson and Sean Tyas. With the other ear very much cocked to the underground, 2015’s Residents’ also line up much from more emergent production forces. Over the course of its 240 minute ride, music from 2.0-ers like Akira Kayosa, Bjorn Akesson, Chris Metcalfe, Alex Di Stefano, Aimoon, Harmonic Rush, Solis & Sean Truby and dozens of others are just as quick to the mix. 

From the darkest, most esoteric depths, through to forceful tech, humid Psy and onto its most exhilarating reaches, Subculture’s become a byword for quality trance, genre-wide. Upholding that mandate, O’Callaghan & Co. have brought together a unrivalled selection of close to 60 of trance’s recent and current Subculture-encapsulating best, which sees release on October 16th.

Both under his own name and that of his alter egos, John O’Callaghan brings a swift onrush of his own material to the front end of the first mix. In both its new Khen Remix and Intro versions, his pre-summer smash ‘Adelphos’ is served two ways strong… each as deliciously mood-fuelled as the other. Donning his ‘Henrik Zuberstein’ guise, ‘Morning Struggle’ and ‘Elicit Response’ keep the mix’s psyche dialled to the darkly thunderous end. Shifting up a gear or three, with its (per DJ Mag) “marching drums and diving bell-like FX”, the “maximum ether” of Joint Operation Centre’s ‘Hunter’, signals a shift onto tougher, techier, pacier ground. Shoring that up, JOC’s “kicking, thrashing peak time” remix of J00F’s ‘If I Don't Come Home’ pours more petrol on the mix-fire. Lifting its altitude higher still is Sneijder/Giuseppe Ottaviani hand-raiser ‘Nero’, the twin peaks of ‘Wake Up Call’ & ‘Comfort Zone’ from Bryan Kearney and the verve-filled kinetics of Chris Metcalfe’s ‘Arashi’.

John Askew laser-guides a massive 24 tracks into his ‘Resident’s mix. Frontend, Angry Man’s sonically stalking ‘Nightcrawler’ and ‘Apex’ - the Tears For Fears-channelling latest from Simon Patterson carve out its early tone. Almost as quick to the mix is the bottled lightning of Future One’s ‘Connected’ and, exclusively, Eddie Bitar’s upcoming ‘Panorama’. The pairing of Lee Osborne & Roxanne Emery on ‘Safe In The Sky’, the Battle Royale beats of Daniel Skyver’s Warhead’, Cold Rush’s atomizing ‘Flashes Of The Past’ and ‘Forsaken’ from Paul Denton & Amir Hussain all conspire to push the mercury that much higher. Concluding his disc, John drops Aimoon’s warping ‘Hyperdrive’, ‘Fatality’ from Harmonic Rush, Tyas’ ‘Hive’ and Sean’s remix of Askew’s own latest, ‘Shine’.

On joining The Residents, John Askew says: “Subculture operates right on the front lines of the scene, pushing boundaries and keeping it underground, real, authentic and original. So many others around us have fallen - consumed by the desire to be popular - jumping from one band waggon to another. Subculture stands apart from these false idols and I’m honoured to have been part of the family for a long time. This sound is a way of life that that has consumed every waking minute of every day of my life for the last 22 years and I can’t see that ending till they put me in a box and lower me into the ground! #SubcultureForLife

Standerwick may be trance’s Rookie of the Year, but he’s a man now no stranger to Subculture audiences. Ferry Corsten’s ‘Homeward’, ‘No One Like Me’ from Giuseppe Ottaviani and Greg Downey & Bo Bruce ‘These Hands I Hold’ all charge the opening half of his disc. Latterly, Aly & Fila/Ferry Tayle collab ‘Napoleon’, ‘I’ve Got The Power’, Alex Di Stefano’s yearlong fave and Jordan Suckley’s Beatport chart topping rewire of Tiësto’s ‘Suburban Train’ spur his mix. Interspersed between are stacks from Standerwick’s own studio… ‘Shut Up!’ – his latest ReOrder/SkyPatrol collab, ‘All Of Us’, with Jennifer Rene and his remixes of Christina Novelli’s ‘Same Stars’ and John O’Callaghan ‘Find Yourself’ all make their mark in its final 30.

Taking up his Residents position, Standerwick says: “I am super excited about the release of the ‘Subculture Residents 2’ compilation. I have chosen a collection of fantastic tunes from who I think are some of the best producers on the Trance circuit right now. I really hope you enjoy this mix… let the music speak!

The best from the label, the tours the radio show and The Residents themselves, all wrapped up on an aerodynamic album that no self-respecting Subculturist will want to be without!  Subculture The Residents Volume 2: Mixed by John O'Callaghan, John Askew & Standerwick is out 

Track list

  • 01
    Adelphos (Original Mix)
    By John O'Callaghan
  • 02
    Adelphos (Khen Remix)
    By John O'Callaghan
  • 03
    Morning Struggle
    By Henrik Zuberstein
  • 04
    Elicit Response (Original Mix)
    By Henrik Zuberstein
  • 05
    Second Chapter (Original Mix)
    By Flynn & Denton
  • 06
    Hunter (Original Mix)
    By Joint Operations Centre
  • 07
    Crossing Lights (Radio Edit)
    By Giuseppe Ottaviani
  • 08
    If I Don’t Come Home (John O’Callaghan Remix)
    By John 00 Fleming
  • 09
    Nero (Radio Edit)
    By Sneijder & Giuseppe Ottaviani
  • 10
    Meridian Bay (Original Mix)
    By John O'Callaghan
  • 11
    Save Me
    By Maria Healy
  • 12
    Wake Up Call (Will Rees Remix)
    By Bryan Kearney
  • 13
    By Darren Flynn
  • 14
    The Pursuit
    By A.R.D.I.
  • 15
    Ride (Original Mix)
    By Stephane Badey
  • 16
    Comfort Zone
    By Bryan Kearney
  • 17
    Rays of Light (Extended Mix)
    By Astuni & Manuel le Saux
  • 18
    By Chris Metcalfe
  • 19
    Subculture the Residents Volume 2 Continuous Mix 1
    By John O'Callaghan
  • 20
    Night Crawler (Intro Mix)
    By Angry Man
  • 21
    By Simon Patterson
  • 22
    Graboid (Original Mix)
    By Kickstone & Jose Solis
  • 23
    Reflect (Radio Edit)
    By Simon Bostock
  • 24
    Rocketshock (Radio Edit)
    By Ikorus
  • 25
    Cut the Mustard
    By Ian Buff
  • 26
    Picture of Dorian
    By John Askew
  • 27
    Connected (Noon & Morgan Remix)
    By Future One
  • 28
    I Just Can't Believe All the Things People Say
    By Omega Drive
  • 29
    Soul Searcher (Radio Edit)
    By Gary Maguire
  • 30
    Panorama (Edit)
    By Eddie Bitar
  • 31
    By TrancEye
  • 32
    Safe in the Sky (Cold Rush Radio Edit)
    By Lee Osborne featuring Roxanne Emery
  • 33
    Closure (Radio Edit)
    By Gary Maguire
  • 34
    Cosmologia (Radio Edit)
    By Space Raven
  • 35
    Warhead (Radio Edit)
    By Daniel Skyver
  • 36
    Flashes of the Past (Radio Edit)
    By Cold Rush
  • 37
    Forsaken (Radio Edit)
    By Paul Denton & Amir Hussain
  • 38
    Hyperdrive (Original Mix)
    By Aimoon
  • 39
    Hive (B) (Radio Edit)
    By Sean Tyas
  • 40
    Light Speed (Radio Edit)
    By F.G. Noise
  • 41
    Fatality (Radio Edit)
    By Harmonic Rush
  • 42
    Shine (Sean Tyas Radio Edit)
    By John Askew
  • 43
    The Moment (Original Mix)
    By Muvy
  • 44
    Subculture the Residents Volume 2 Continuous Mix 2
    By John Askew
  • 45
    Awaken (UCast Rewake)
    By Bryan Kearney
  • 46
    Lockout (Allen Watts Remix Edit)
    By Miroslav Vrlik
  • 47
    These Hands I Hold (Original Mix)
    By Greg Downey & Bo Bruce
  • 48
    Armadillo (ReOrder Remix Edit)
    By Solis & Sean Truby
  • 49
    No One Like You
    By Giuseppe Ottaviani
  • 50
    DFRNT (Original Mix)
    By Nick Callaghan
  • 51
    Cavity Drop (Radio Edit)
    By Akira Kayosa
  • 52
    By Ferry Corsten
  • 53
    Genesis (Edit)
    By Tempo Giusto
  • 54
    Paper Dreams (Original Mix)
    By Bjorn Akesson
  • 55
    Same Stars (Standerwick Remix)
    By Christina Novelli
  • 56
    I’ve Got the Power (Talla 2XLC & Cold Blue Radio Edit)
    By Alex Di Stefano
  • 57
    Napoleon (Original Mix)
    By Aly & Fila with Ferry Tayle
  • 58
    Shut Up! (Original Mix)
    By ReOrder & Standerwick present SkyPatrol
  • 59
    Find Yourself (Standerwick Radio Edit)
    By John O’Callaghan featuring Sarah Howells
  • 60
    Suburban Train (Jordan Suckley Remix)
    By Tiësto
  • 61
    All of Us (Original Mix)
    By Standerwick & Jennifer Rene
  • 62
    Subculture the Residents Volume 2 Continuous Mix 3
    By Standerwick