John Dopping - Words in Colour / Basically EP

Borderline Music

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John Dopping - Words In Colour / Basically EP
1. Words In Colour (Original Mix) 
2. Basically (Original Mix) 
John Dopping is arguably one of the most intelligent trance producers on the planet. The intricacies and quality of his production and most of all his writing are quite literally second to none. Classically trained, as were sure can be heard in his melodies, John is always putting 200% into his music and we are happy that he returns to Borderline with a brand new EP.

Some of you may have heard rumblings on the grapevine but we are happy to now confirm that 2014 will see the release of John’s first solo artist album entitled Words In Colour, and this EP showcases both John's talents and the album itself. Expect to see much more of the man that is Dopping in the next year as he starts to carve out his own unique sound within trance and give us all a break from the norm.This EP and his album crosses over between more traditional melodic trance and the darker more underground psy world and both Words In Colour (the single) and basically show this perfectly.

Its time to take note, John Dopping is making his mark!

Track list

  • 01
    Words in Colour (Original Mix)
    By John Dopping
  • 02
    Basically (Original Mix)
    By John Dopping