John Askew - Tooth Decay On Tuesday


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John Askew - Tooth Decay On Tuesday
1. Extended Mix
2. Original Mix

When lock down started John Askew went through his phone to collate all the ideas he written in his notes, recorded, filmed, or collected over the last few years on tour. Notes, audio clips or videos he’d taken on planes, in taxis, back stage at clubs and festivals. He created a folder full of all this amazing content - videos, audio files, answerphone and WhatsApp messages - and what he found was an absolute gold mine of highly entertaining clips that offered an insight into the madness of “life on the road”. The logical step from there was obviously to put a selection of these highlights together into a record. Sean Tyas loosing his mind leaving the “I’m stuck outside, let me in” message on John’s phone. A furious Simon Patterson leaving a very angry message about John leaving ASOT before Simon’s set. The madness of the car journey back from Dreamstate So Cal. Matt - Legit - Grimalda telling stories of his illustrious dating career in LA. It’s all in there… along with John’s own debut as a vocalist! 

Track list

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    Tooth Decay On Tuesday (Extended Mix)
    By John Askew