Joan Retamero - She Dreamed Through the Sky

Perfecto Black

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Joan Retamero - She Dreamed Through the Sky
1. She Dreamed Through the Sky
2. Pianism

We are delighted to welcome Joan Retamero for the first of a series of releases on Perfecto Black. For his first outing on the label, Joan serves up an excellent two-tracker, featuring the sumptuous She Dreamed Through The Sky - a blissful groover of a track, with tripped out vocal edits and a haunting melody line. A perfectly executed slice of modern progressive house. Pianism is a more diving affair, with throbbing bass and hypnotic synth led by a spaced out piano line, perfect for any discerning dancefloor. 

Track list

  • 01
    She Dreamed Through the Sky (Extended Mix)
    By Joan Retamero
  • 02
    Pianism (Extended Mix)
    By Joan Retamero