Jess-E - Out of the Box EP


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Wildlife 653-0
Jess-E - Out Of The Box EP
1. Slapback 54
2. Prism
3. Got To Go Deep
4. Unknown Arp

Jess-E presents his brand new EP on the Wildlife imprint, featuring the titles “Slapback”, “Prism”, “Go Deep” and “Unknown Arp”.

Jess-E started off as as UK Breaks DJ, but later on focused on four to the floor completely. He worked with many styles at first, even minimal sounds had Jessy’s interest, just like the warm, classic house releases from labels like Strictly Rhythm. Nowadays these influences are still found in his productions, brought to the world under the alias “Jess-E”. His demos caught the attention of Black Hole Recordings and ever since Jess-E releases his output on sub label Wildlife, delivering titles like "20 Degrees and a Gentle Breeze", "Free Your Body", "Flatliners" and "I Need Your Love". Now delivering the goods with four killer tracks, Jess-E shows that he is truly growing as a producer.

The EP opens with the ready-for-the-clubs “Slapback 54”; a track that leans heavily on live bass, urging percussion and an overall funky sound. Jess-E then continues with three incredibly well produced and deep, progressive tracks. Moving from “Prism” to “Got To Go Deep” to “Unknown Arp”, one can’t deny that it is perfectly possible to simply mix the whole EP in one stretch, adding more people to the dancefloor with every transition. Jess-E’s “Out Of The Box” EP will soon become his landmark release that will put his name on the map of the EDM scene for good.

Supported by: Max Graham, Sander Kleinenberg, Peter Gelderblom, Blake Lewis, Steve Aoki, Riccardo Sada, Rachel Rixham, Shadowfall, Santerna, Tjerk Coers.

Track list

  • 01
    Slapback 54
    By Jess-E
  • 02
    By Jess-E
  • 03
    Got to Go Deep
    By Jess-E
  • 04
    Unknown Arp
    By Jess-E