JES & Tenishia - Here & Now

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Magik Muzik 1221-0
JES & Tenishia - Here & Now
1. Gai Barone Remix
2. Gai Barone Declaration Of Prog Remix

Three weeks ago JES & Tenishia released their collab Here & Now, a brave new anthem to remind us we really need to live in the moment. It is Passionate, intense and daring, successfully fusing elements of both classic and progressive trance, combined with JES’ fiery vocal performance. Now, none other than Gai Barone has taken it upon himself to remix Here & Now, delivering not one, but two completely different remixes! His original remix is a loving, slightly rougher version of the original, whereas his Declaration Of Prog Remix is definitely a more underground, club-ready progressive gem. Cool!

Track list

  • 01
    Here & Now (Gai Barone Remix)
    By JES & Tenishia
  • 02
    Here & Now (Gai Barone Declaration of Prog Remix)
    By JES & Tenishia