Jelle Boon - My Depredation

Rub A Duck

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Rub A Duck 007
Jelle Boon - My Depredation
1. Original
2. Beejays Remix

Jelle Boon presents his brand new single on the Rub A Duck imprint, entitled “My Depredation”.

The Dutch DJ/Producer hasn’t reached the age of 18 yet but still he drops a marvellous track that will rock the joint like no other. Initially fiddling around with hiphop beats when he was 13, Jelle discovered house and finally found his style of choice when he discovered electro that in his mind had everything that house didn’t. His main objective was and is to create complex arrangements that will still sound great and it’s exactly that way of working that drew the attention of the record labels. Inspired by all kinds of sounds, from machinery to the purr of a cat, to classical music or just plain noise, he created his earlier release “Der Holle Rache”. The sounds in his productions have to be as unique as possible and with his fabulous new single “My Depredation” he most definitely makes it crystal clear what that means, ’cause this single is ready to keep the fire burning on every packed electro and fidget house dance floor. A nice and funky BPM with some serious low sub bass on top of it offer the perfect backing track for Jelle’s incredible edits, synth- and voice stabs. It’s one of those frantic sounding killer dance tracks that every DJ will and must play at the peak of his live set, while the dancers in the clubs go wild until the sun comes up.

For the remix, the assignment was given to the BeeJays, who stripped the original down to the bone and turned it into a rough edged electro banger with some serious techno influences in it and a driving 909 open hi-hat that makes everyone run for the dancefloor. BeeJays works closely together with Jelle Boon and is currently finishing off the mixdown of his soon to be released Blender EP on the Rub A Duck imprint, for which Jelle in return also did a remix. One thing is for sure: “My Depredation” by Jelle Boon is an undeniable hit single ready to storm the charts!  

Track list

  • 01
    My Depredation
    By Jelle Boon
  • 02
    My Depredation (The BJ's Remix)
    By Jelle Boon