Jelle Boon - Junior Master Chief EP

Rub A Duck

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Rub A Duck 022
Jelle Boon - Junior Master Chief EP
1. For The Big Thirst
2. In Search for Beans
3. Microwave Goes Ping
4. Salt & Pepper

Jelle Boon presents his brand new four track EP, entitled “Junior Master Chief” on the Rub A Duck imprint.  

Dutch DJ/Producer Jelle Boon (17 years old and currently residing in Enkhuizen, The Netherlands) made his first steps in the world of electronic dance music at age 13. Initially playing around programming hiphop beats, Jelle quickly encountered house and finally found his preferred style when he discovered electro. For Jelle, electro had everything that house didn’t. When in the studio, he loves to create complex arrangements that still sound attractive; a fact that caught the attention of the record labels. Jelle’s earlier releases were the perfect showcase of this way of working, in which he moves from classical music to noise to machinery and back; everything programmed with unique sounds. Jelle’s previous single on Rub A Duck, “My Depredation”, received serious acclaim and he now proudly presents the follow up with these four cuts for his new Junior Master Chief EP.

The four titles of the EP, “For The Big Thirst”, “In Search for Beans”, “Microwave Goes Ping” and “Salt & Pepper” all feature Jelle Boon’s trademark sound full of tight edits, heavy melodies and subtle fidget influences; true electro in every sense of the word, here and there with energetic tech elements. The “Junior Master Chief” has prepared a four-course menu, ready to set the dance floor on fire.

Supported by: Steve Aoki, Riccardo Sada, Manufactured Superstars, Robbie Rivera,  Dj Rockid, David Casto, Dance Radio One, Dimitri Kechagias, Re-Zone, Josh Jacobs, Markus Schulz, Fremdkunst, JPL, Tjerk Coers, 601, Riley & Durrant, Charles Mc Thorn, Eddie Sender, Sound Avtar, Louk, James Brooke, Dave Schiemann

Track list

  • 01
    For the Big Thirst
    By Jelle Boon
  • 02
    In Search for Beans
    By Jelle Boon
  • 03
    Microwave Goes Ping
    By Jelle Boon
  • 04
    Salt & Pepper
    By Jelle Boon