Jelle Boon - First Law of Boon [Remixed]

Rub A Duck

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Rub-A-Duck 076-0
Jelle Boon - First Law Of Boon Remixed
1. Hitch A Ride (featuring Alisa Fedele) (Re:Set Remix)
2. Unleash The Whiner (Disegual Remix)
3. Epicenter (FetOo Remix)
4. First Law Of Boon (CromoTag featuring Sytharx Remix)

After the release of his artist album ‘First Law of Boon’ in February 2013, Jelle Boon is back with a new E.P. ‘First Law of Boon Remixed’. Tracks of the album are remixed into new dubstep and electro editions. First up are Re:Set and Disegual, who are well at home in the dubstep department creating their own versions of ‘Hitch A Ride’ and ‘Unleash the Whiner’. After that the E.P. takes a real electro turn with FetOo’s remix of ‘Epicenter’ and CromoTag featuring Sythrax’s remix of the title track. All the remixes are a great addition to the original album.

Jelle Boon started fiddling around with hiphop beats at the young age of 13, and quickly discovered house as well. His main style of choice turned out to be electro, a style in which he found everything he liked. Jelle spends all his spare time in the studio creating tracks with complex arrangements and adding all kinds of sounds to them such as the purr of a cat, classical music or just plain noise. His releases are often described as young, energetic and edgy with an undeniable Dutch icing on top of it, drawing the attention of records labels. His first single ‘My Depredation’ was released on Rub-A-Duck; starting the next chapter in Jelle Boon’s young career. After the single came the Junior Master Chef E.P., logically followed by his very own artist album ‘First Law of Boon’ in February of 2013. ‘First Law of Boon’ contained 15 rock solid tracks with a sound somewhere between Dutch House, electro and even a variety of dubstep cuts. The latest E.P. with remixes of tracks featured on his album proves Jelle Boon’s music is definitely out there!

Track list

  • 01
    Hitch a Ride (ReSet Remix)
    By Jelle Boon featuring Alisa Fedele
  • 02
    Unleash the Whiner (Disegual Remix)
    By Jelle Boon
  • 03
    Epicenter (FetOo Remix)
    By Jelle Boon
  • 04
    First Law of Boon (CromoTag featuring Sytharx Remix)
    By Jelle Boon